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The Apache as it appears in Black Mesa.



The AH-64 Apache Helicopter is a vehicle used by the Military in Black Mesa.

The Apache is an attack helicopter used to provide air support for military personnel. It is first seen idling on a helipad in the chapter Inbound, and engaged in combat in the chapter Surface Tension.


The Apache will attack the player and any non HECU soldiers with a mounted machine gun and air-to-surface missiles. When it is defeated for the first time at the dam during Surface Tension, it will fly away. Later in the chapter when it is encountered on the cliff face, defeating it will cause it to explode.


The Apache can be damaged anywhere on its chassis with the RPG or Tau Cannon. It can also be defeated by shooting at its main rotor with standard weapons.

  • Note: This information is implied to be outdated and incorrect. [1]




Early Apache test flights


  • Unlike the M2 Bradley or F-16 of Half-Life, the AH-64 Apache Helicopter has not been replaced with it's Marine counterpart (which would have been the AH-1 Cobra or AH-1Z Viper). However, the black 'ARMY' decal has been removed from the aircraft.

Redesign History

The Apache's cockpit windshield is reflective thanks to specular reflections in the Source engine, handled by cubemaps. In order to keep the map sizes low and playable, the cubemaps are low resolution and placed in areas of high contrast close to the player. Any point entity (like props and NPCs) will reference the env_cubemap that's nearest to it at any given time. [2]

The Apache concept art. Made by Brian Dale.


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