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In Half-Life, the player is put into the shoes of Theoretical Physicist Gordon Freeman. From the player's point of view, we never hear Freeman speak, we never see his reflection, and he is never featured in any cinematic scene. All the events from the Half-life series are seen through his eyes; this helps to add to the immersion of the game and allows the player to "become" Freeman.


Gordon is perhaps the world's greatest theoretical physicist turned action hero. During the events of Half-Life, we discover Freeman was born in Seattle, USA. His early life was spent developing an interest in Physics, a passion which later in life would turn out to be more dangerous than most would expect. Teleportation became Gordon’s primary interest in the world of physics, and this lead to him accepting a job in the prestigious Black Mesa Research Facility.

Our first glimpse from the eyes of Freeman comes as his day begins on the Black Mesa transit system, which we see arriving at the Anomalous Materials Lab, his place of work in the first chapter of Half-Life. At first everything seems normal; he is greeted by a friendly security guard, with whom he would appear to be familiar, then proceeds to don his trusty HEV suit, allowing him to work in particularly hazardous areas and environments. However during some routine experiments deep in the facility, disaster strikes and Freeman’s day takes a turn for the worse.

After being thrust from a research scientist to an action hero, Freeman must find anything to aid him in his fight against the invading alien forces. Looking around frantically, he finds an old crowbar, the weapon which became the true icon of the Half-Life series. Freeman then spends the next hours of his life fighting off the invading aliens, until his own country turns on him. When the military invades the research center, Freeman soon realizes he only has two choices: escape, or perish.

As he goes about his escape, aided by his fellow scientists and brave security guards, he discovers he is being watched by the mysterious G-man. Once Freeman manages to destroy the aliens' leader on their home planet of Xen, he comes face to face with the his enigmatic observer. He is offered a choice: agree to work for the strange "man", or face certain death at the hands of the invading alien forces.

BMRF Employment Letter

This letter was originally a .pdf file hidden in the upper-right corner of the Black Mesa Mod homepage, when a countdown clock was set there two weeks prior the mod release [1]. Based on the original letter, found in the instruction manual of the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life [2].



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