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Render of the satchel and detonator.



The satchel charge is a remote-detonation explosive pack, used for setting traps or removing inconvenient obstacles. It can often be found in crates and around other military supplies.

The damage and blast radius is fairly significant, and will cause deadly amounts of damage to anything (including the player) which does not keep its distance from the exploding satchels. Explosives will also set off other nearby explosives, so it is recommended to be wary of nearby laser tripmines and explosive barrels.

The player can carry a maximum of 5 satchel charges. [1]

Primary Function

Toss and arm a new charge.

After being thrown, a satchel can be picked up using the "use" key like any physics prop [2]. However, you can't re-add it into your inventory.

Secondary Function

Detonate all armed charges. [3]

Redesign History



Testing an early version of the satchel charge.


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