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Project Leader

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Adam Engels Adam-Bomb Project Leader

Level Design

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Chris Horn Stormseeker Level Design Lead
Anthony Stone OnboardError Level Designer
Chon Kemp Text FAMGUY1 Level Designer/Community Manager
Craig Mirfin morloc Level Designer
Jean-Paul Jarreau JeanPaul Level Designer
Johnathan Welsh Cpl.1nsane Level Designer
Jordan Fanaris Jordan Level Designer --
Joseph Radak Fr0z3nR Level Designer
Kim Dahlgren citric Level Designer

Modeling & Texturing

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Carlos Montero cman2k Art Director
Adam Engels Adam-Bomb Prop Lead
Björn Claesson Kobi Prop Modeler --
Daniel Escobedo NetWarriorDan Prop Modeler --
Robert Chinner Sanada Prop Modeler --
Bård Fleistad grudgE Skinner / Texture Artist
Brian Dale bkdale86 Skinner / Texture Artist --
Jason Wells Redmotion Skinner / Texture Artist
Johannes Tripolt outlive Skinner / Texture Artist --
Mark Foreman Jenn0_Bing Skinner / Texture Artist
Josh Hubi Hubicorn UI Designer
Abe Robertson Eba Level Artist
Spencer Rose RabidMonkey Level Artist
Shawn Olson - Technical Artist
Chris Narchi Lupus Character Artist


  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Deniz Sezen your-name-here Lead Programmer / Release Engineer --
Mark Abent Ye'Ole Pokey Programmer
Chetan Jaggi chetanjags Programmer
Lauri Mäkinen k00pa Programmer
Travis Wehrman - Programmer --

Animation & Choreography

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Nathan Ayres NateDGreat Animation Lead
Ben Truman DR!P Story & Choreography Lead
Andrew Boetsma autokey Animator
Kevin Sisk Debeerguy007 Choreographer --

Music, Sound & Voice Acting

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Joel Nielsen .plink Music & Sound Lead
Kevin Sisk Debeerguy007 Sound Engineer / Voice Actor --
Lurana Hillard Mike Hillard's Mom Voice Actor --
Michael Hillard CornetTheory Voice Actor
Michael Tsarouhas Mikee Voice Actor --
Victoria Teunissen CatzEyes93 Voice Actor --

Web Development

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Josh Hubi Hubicorn Design / Web Engineer / Server Engineer
Ryan Maffit rm249 Web Engineer / Server Engineer
Carlos Montero cman2k Design / Web Engineer
James McVinnie Monkey-Junkie Video Editor / Director

The End Credits (First Release)

In the first release, the end credits roll right after entering the portal to Xen.
At the end, the sentence "To be continued...", as a reference to the upcoming
Second Release.
(Video credits: TrevelXP).

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