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Xen, also referred to as "the borderworld," is an alien dimension which is the source of the invading aliens in Black Mesa. It is also the name of a chapter in the game.

Chapter Summary

After successfully jumping through the portal, Gordon Freeman is teleported to Xen, which is the homeland of the aliens. Enemies are much less aggressive here. Gordon must use the Long Jump Module in order to safely descend to the island below (which is obviously only a part of Xen). Once there, he fights his way to the center, avoiding stationary zappers and utilizing small pools which replenish his health. Once at the center, he opens up three "ports", and releases three mysterious floating items. These items fly around and land one by one in each of the ports. This causes a beam to be formed in the center platform. Going through this beam teleports Gordon to the next chapter, Gonarch's Lair.

Xen is the fifteenth chapter in Black Mesa.


Xen is made up of small or medium floating rocks surrounding large landmasses. These appear to be suspended over open space, and not physically connected in any way. Certain Xenian flora can be utilized as teleporters connecting to other large Xenian landmasses.

Flora and Fauna

Xen has a diverse set of lifeforms inhabiting it.

See also: Xenian Lifeform

Xenian Phenomena

Pools of healing water can be found at various areas of Xen. The pools are extremely small and shallow, and their healing properties seem to be exclusive to the pools and not to Xenian water itself, as larger bodies of water seen on Xen have no such properties.


The developers will not reveal anything about Xen until the second release. [1]

Redesign History

Xen Concept art. By Brian Dale.


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