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Project Leader

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Carlos Montero cman2k Project Leader

Level Design

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Chris Horn Stormseeker Level Design Lead
Anthony Stone OnboardError Level Designer
Chon Kemp Text FAMGUY1 Level Designer --
Craig Mirfin morloc Level Designer
Jean-Paul Jarreau JeanPaul Level Designer
Johnathan Welsh Cpl.1nsane Level Designer
Jordan Fanaris Jordan Level Designer --
Joseph Radak Fr0z3nR Level Designer
Kim Dahlgren citric Level Designer

Modeling & Texturing

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Carlos Montero cman2k Art Director
Adam Engels Adam-Bomb Prop Lead
Alex Allen Digeridude Prop Modeler
Björn Claesson Kobi Prop Modeler --
Daniel Escobedo NetWarriorDan Prop Modeler --
Robert Chinner Sanada Prop Modeler --
Andrea d'Avalos Piks3y Skinner / Texture Artist --
Bård Fleistad grudgE Skinner / Texture Artist
Brian Dale bkd86 Skinner / Texture Artist --
Jason Wells Redmotion Skinner / Texture Artist
Johannes Tripolt outlive Skinner / Texture Artist --
Mark Foreman Jenn0_Bing Skinner / Texture Artist
Pontus Ryman Spitfire Skinner / Texture Artist
Josh Hubi Hubicorn UI Designer
Abe Robertson Eba Level Artist
Spencer Rose RabidMonkey Level Artist


  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Deniz Sezen your-name-here Principal Programmer / Release Engineer --
Paul Peloski -- Programmer Lead --
Carlos Sotelo Charly Programmer --
Lucas Zadrozny -- Programmer --
Mark Abent Ye'Ole Pokey Programmer

Animation & Choreography

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Nathan Ayres NateDGreat Animation Lead
Ben Truman DR!P Story & Choreography Lead
Andrew Boetsma autokey Animator
David Keyworth Katana Choreographer
Kevin Sisk Debeerguy007 Choreographer --
Rasmus Järvelä -- Choreographer

Music, Sound & Voice Acting

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Joel Nielsen .plink Music & Sound Lead
Kevin Sisk Debeerguy007 Sound Engineer / Voice Actor --
Adam Dravean dravean Voice Actor --
Cris Mertens Valo118 Voice Actor
Lurana Hillard Mike Hillard's Mom Voice Actor --
Michael Hillard CornetTheory Voice Actor
Michael Tsarouhas Mikee Voice Actor --
Victoria Teunissen CatzEyes93 Voice Actor --

Web Development

  Developer Nickname Role Website  
Josh Hubi Hubicorn Design / Web Engineer / Server Engineer
Ryan Maffit rm249 Web Engineer / Server Engineer
Carlos Montero cman2k Design / Web Engineer
James McVinnie Monkey-Junkie Video Editor / Director

The End Credits (First Release)

In the first release, the end credits roll right after entering the portal to Xen.
At the end, the sentence "To be continued...", as a reference to the upcoming
Second Release.
(Video credits: TrevelXP).

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